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Super Ace

For online gaming enthusiasts, the Jili Super Ace is a name that needs no introduction. This thrilling game, developed and published by the esteemed team at Jili Super Ace, boasts an impressive 1024 Ways to Win across its 5 reels, offering players a wealth of opportunities to hit the jackpot and rake in big rewards.


Jili Super Ace slot has ingeniously designed and published a thrilling Online Casino Game known as Super Ace Slot Machine, which promises to be an experience unlike any other. This card-themed slot game showcases a visually stunning array of original illustrations of cards that are used as icons. With each spin, you will be treated to short, but fun animations that will leave you craving for more. The abstract background adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already captivating game. As an added bonus, the Free Spin Bonus game is remarkably easy to reach in Jili Super Ace Slot Machine. With just 3 scatter symbols, you are able to enter the free spins game, and here’s where the real fun begins! The combo chance is 2X than usual, adding a thrilling element of unpredictability to each spin. Brace yourself for the highest bonus multiplier of 1500X, which could see your winnings skyrocketing in no time. The slot demo game boasts low volatility, allowing you to enjoy the game without burning through your bankroll too quickly.


Super Ace Gameplay

Once you manage to land three or more symbols in this wondrous game, you’ll unlock the coveted Free Game feature, which boasts a grand total of ten free spins. But that’s not all! There’s also something known as the “Combo Multiplier” lurking within the depths of the Free Game, a complex system comprising four tiers, each more impressive than the last. Beginning with the humble yet beloved x2, the Combo Multiplier rises through the ranks to x4, x6, and finally culminates in the awe-inspiring x10. It’s worth noting that while the Free Game works in a similar manner to the standard game, there’s one significant difference: the presence of the illustrious Combo Multiplier. This magnificent feature has the potential to increase your winnings to previously unfathomable heights, so keep your eyes peeled for it! If, by some stroke of luck, you manage to land three symbols during the Free Game, the game shall bestow upon thee an additional five free spins, which you can stack for even more chances to win. So what are you waiting for? Give it a spin and see if fortune smiles upon thee!

Super Ace Joker Card1

Joker Card

In this amazing game, there’s a special symbol called the “Joker Symbol”. It can only appear when the “Golden Symbol” is eliminated. The Joker Symbol has two different forms: the powerful “Big Joker Card” and the humble “Little Joker Card”. If you land the mighty “Big Joker Symbol”, it will randomly replace one to four other symbols on reels two through five (excluding the Scatter and Joker Symbols) with the powerful “Big Joker Symbol”. But if you happen to land the unassuming “Little Joker Symbol”, the “Golden Symbol” will magically transform into the all-powerful “Joker Symbol”. The “Joker Symbol” is incredibly powerful and can substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter symbol. So keep your eyes peeled for the “Joker Symbol” and see if it can help you win big in this amazing game!

Super Ace Golden Card2

Golden Card

Behold the magnificent JILI Super Ace Slot Machine – a true marvel of modern gambling technology! The thrill of this game is heightened by the elusive Golden Card, a rare and mystical symbol that can only be found on reels 2, 3, and 4. But what happens when one encounters this golden enigma? Fear not, for its elimination will cause a magical transformation: it will flip in its original position and become a “Joker Card,” unlocking new possibilities and increasing your chances of victory. And though the Golden Card may seem similar to a Normal Card, do not be fooled, for its elimination is nothing short of an extraordinary feat, a test of your gambling prowess and luck. Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge and see if you have what it takes to claim the Golden Card and triumph over the reels!

Super Ace Free game

Free Game – Collect Airplanes

To obtain a total of 10 rounds of the coveted Free Game, you must diligently collect three elusive Scatter symbols. Once activated, the Free Spins Game unlocks a world of possibilities with the Elimination Multiplier being doubled in comparison to its regular counterpart. This multiplier scales to incredible heights, reaching x2, x4, x6, and even x10, making the game even more thrilling. It’s worth noting that while the rules for the Elimination Multiplier remain consistent between the general and Free Spins Game, only the Elimination Multiplier values experience the remarkable twofold increase. For those who crave even more excitement, collecting another set of three Scatter symbols during the Free Spins Game can unlock an additional 5 rounds of play, and this can be repeated to further elevate the suspenseful experience.

super ace paylines


The game in question features a 5 by 3 board with a staggering 1024 paylines, making for an incredibly complex and intricate gameplay experience. What’s more, any symbols that manage to hit the coveted combo will be immediately repaired, ensuring that they remain in play until they are no longer able to achieve the desired effect. With a starting point from the very left-hand side of the board, players must carefully strategize to land three identical symbols along a single payline, with each successful outcome being multiplied by the bet amount, payline count, and odds, resulting in a truly exhilarating and unpredictable gaming experience.

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